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Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch® was developed by Richard Gordon, author of "Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience" and "Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal".

Quantum-Touch® is a form of hands-on healing that allows people to access their own powerful ability to assist others and themselves. Practitioners learn to raise energy levels in their hands so high that with only a light touch, one can see bones gently sliding back into alignment. Pain and inflammation often reduce. Organs and systems rebalance themselves. Stress melts away.

How does this work? By using specific breathing, mental focusing, and body awareness techniques, practitioners greatly accelerate the amount of Qi or Ki flowing through their hands. This life force energy can then be used to stimulate healing. Chiropractors think of Quantum-Touch as an advanced form of chiropractic. In fact, it can enhance the effectiveness of any healing modality, or be used as an excellent stand-alone technique.

Quantum-Touch has become integrated into my practice of surgery for breast cancer patients. Pain is reduced, scars heal faster, spasms relax, depression and fear turn to hope an